One more thing…

After writing my last post about my visit to Bodegas Tradición, I learned a bit more from Peter Liem in my “sherry bible” that I wanted to share for clarification:

Tradición, Calle Cordobeses, 3 ~ This bodega is dedicated solely to old sherry. It doesn’t produce a single Fino nor does it release anything under the average age of 20 years. Being a “boutique” bodega, only 12,000-15,000 bottles are released each year – each labeled and individually numbered by hand.

The private art collection contains over 300 works of Spanish artists including Velázquez, Goya and El Greco. The Picasso tiles pictured in my blog were painted by him when he was eight years old!

For more details about Bodegas Tradición, you really should pick up a copy of Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla: A Guide to the Traditional Wines of Andalucía by Peter Liem and Jesús Barquín.


  1. Graham Fraser

    Hi Seana

    Have been enjoying your blog & sherry experiences.

    Thought you might be interested to hear that Bodegas Tradicion now produce a Fino (12yo). Picked that up from Paula McLean’s Jerez -Xeres-Sherry blogsite which is a brilliant resource updated daily on all matters sherry & recommended. Coincidentally Paula is based in Scotland as am I.

    Look forward to reading your further blogs




    1. Seana Yee

      Thank you Graham! That’s good to know!
      I’ll have to look for it on my trip this spring.
      Love learning as much as I can from fellow #sherrylovers


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