Flamenco + Lustau

Flamenco + Flor FridaysDespite the cloudy skies, the patio was packed once again at Bar Vivant for Flamenco Friday! Tablao de Rosas filled the space with amazing energy, singing and dancing.

On the sherry bar was Margaux Wagenmann, from Lemma Wine Company, pouring a delicious variety of wines from Lustau.

She greeted everyone with a glass of Fino Jarana from Lustau’s Solera Familiar range. Though my personal preference is an aged Fino, I do love this classic style for it’s fresh notes of flor and toasted almonds. Most sherry styles in the Solera Familiar range can be found in high-end grocery stores around Portland.

Next in line was a beautiful Amontillado del Puerto from the Almancenista series. Almacenistas, or stock holders, independently produce and age sherry in their limited soleras of the finest and rarest sherries. This Amontillado del Puerto originates from an exclusive solera of only 10 barrels and certainly tasted like a labor of love. Rich golden color, nutty sharpness with a long dry finish.

Lustau Line UpI was pleased to see Palo Cortado Peninsula on the list. This is a classic Palo Cortado from the Solera Familiar range, combining the delicacy of an Amontillado with the richness of an Oloroso. It’s easy to find around town and the perfect wine to inspire new sherry lovers!

Añada 1997Moving right along, guests had the rare experience from the Specialty range of the Añada 1997 Rich Oloroso. This oloroso was never blended with Pedro Ximenez, but subjected to a special partial fermentation process in order to preserve its natural sugars. It was aged in American oak barrels for 13 years and limited to only 8,000 bottles. A perfect balance of delicate sweetness and dry finish. Naturally, I paid for a full pour!

The sweeter varietals for this flight were the Deluxe Cream Capataz Andrés and Moscatel de Chipiona. The Cream is a classic blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez creating a smooth and sweet flavor with a crisp finish. The Moscatel was light and bright, reminding me of mead with its honey notes.

IMG_20150814_201728Once again, I drank each one too quickly to enjoy them with the delicious tapas and desserts served by Cheryl Wakerhauser. On these nights, the lines can go out the door!

Instead, I enjoyed clapping my palmas, shouting my jaleos of olé que toma, and dancing a little pata at the end of the night with my flamencas. 

There are only two Flamenco Fridays left! Come check it out and try some top-shelf sherry!! Maybe you’ll become a sherry lover too!

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