He said it best!

After publishing my experiences with Bodegas Urium, owner and wine master, Alonso Ruíz Olivares asked me to help translate them into Spanish. Even though it didn’t take long to do, I was embarrassed that for having my degree in Spanish, I still don’t sound like a native speaker. I didn’t realize he would publish it on his Facebook page with my picture!

I appreciated the feedback from some who called my writing poetic and lovely. One person asked for further clarification. Alonso wrote these words in response:

Pienso que es el reconocimiento a las atenciones recibidas.
Atenciones que ofrecemos a cualquier persona que llama a las puertas, redes sociales o teléfono de Bodegas Urium, ponemos a su disposición, la mejor selección de vinos de jerez para catar y brindar con un Jerez de Honor, totalmente gratuito y sin ningún compromiso.
Eso si aún sin tener obligación de compra, casi todos compran alguna que otra botella para compensar los gastos.
Esperamos tu visita en Bodegas Urium Jerez
Un abrazo
Alonso Ruiz

I think it is the recognition of the care received.
We offer hospitality to anyone who knocks on Urium Winery’s doors, reaches out via social media networks or by phone. We offer the best selection of sherries to taste and toast with the Honor of Jerez, completely free and without obligation.
Even without the obligation to buy, almost everyone buys a bottle of this or that to offset expenses.
We await your visit to Bodegas Urium in Jerez.
Alonso Ruiz

Once again, he understood me completely.


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