CSWS with Lucas Payà

Lucas Payà is a Certified Sherry Educator and Lustau Brand Educator. It’s been nearly two years since he taught in Portland. He returns on April 9th offering an in-depth exploration of the history, climate, and geography of the Sherry Triangle region of southern Spain. His amazing presentation explains the viticulture and winemaking practices that define this diverse wine category. The course includes a guided tasting of six Sherry wines sponsored by Lustau and concludes with a certification exam reviewed and approved by the Regulatory Council of Jerez. Successful candidates receive a certificate of achievement and awarded the title of Certified Sherry Wine Specialist.

This is the best training I’ve received since my certification in Jerez back in 2016. It not only summarizes what is taught at the Consejo Regulador, it also expands on Lustau’s contribution to this industry since the late 1800’s. This course is ideal for those who are serious wine students and professionals interested in deepening their Sherry understanding. This is a rare opportunity not widely advertised as to when and where Lucas will teach next, so don’t miss this chance!

For more information and to register, please visit The Wine & Spirit Archive.

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