At last, the perfect wine club for sherry lovers! Like anyone new to wine, it can be overwhelming knowing what to buy, what to try, or even understand anything on the label! For sherry enthusiasts, it’s that much harder! Where do you find good sherry? Who do you reach out to for help? If you’ve participated in International Sherry Week earlier this month and want an opportunity to try more, let Enramistas help you!


  • Enramista & Enramista VIP Memberships
  • Shipments of 6 bottles at a time, 3 x Year
  • Shipping in Winter, Spring, Fall (with special offers throughout the year)
  • Exclusive bottling for club members
  • Access to sherry videos, online tastings (and in person when allowed)
  • Suggested food pairings
  • Enrollment ends 12/1/20 
  • Winter Pack ships 12/4 to reach you before Christmas!  
  • 6 Packs or Memberships make amazing gifts!  


Winter 2020 6 Packs – (6 bottles per pack of various sizes)

Enramista Membership $150/shipment – average of $25/bottle

  1. Fino – Alexander Jules. 4/65 10 yr fino (750ml)
  2. Manzanilla – Callejuela, Manzanilla Fina (750ml)
  3. Amontillado – César Florido, Cruz del Mar (375ml)
  4. Oloroso – Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosía, Sangre Y Trabajadero (375ml)
  5. Palo Cortado – Bodegas Gonzáles Byass, Leonor 12 yr (750ml)
  6. Sweet – Bodegas Lustau, East India Solera (750ml)

Enramista VIP Membership $300/shipment – average of $50/bottle for more rare, older, and limited wines

  1. Fino – González Byass, Fino Dos Palmas (500ml)
  2. Manzanilla Pasada – De La Riva, Manzanilla Pasada (750ml)
  3. Amontillado – Alexander Jules, Amontillado 3/10 (500ml)
  4. Oloroso – Callejuela, El Cerro (500ml)
  5. Palo Cortado – Fernando de Castilla, Palo Cortado Antique 20yr (500ml)
  6. Sweet – Bodegas Barbadillo, Atamán Vermút (500ml)

I personally chose the Enramista Membership rather than VIP because these bottles are far from entry level! The Oloroso Sangre Y Trabajadero was one of my first introductions to sherry, and I was hooked! It’s nearly impossible to find it in Oregon. This sherry club also comes at a time when I am moving to a smaller town on the coast, and sherry will be harder to find. I am so excited to be a member of Enramistas!

If you are not quite ready to commit, you can order the cases “a la carte” with no subscription commitment to ship or pick up. They offer free local pick up in NYC at Dandelion Wines (Greenpoint), FREE Delivery to any of the 5 Burroughs in NYC, and have National Shipping Options for enthusiasts like me.

Hurry! December 1st is just around the corner!

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