Feeling Salty

My dry January lasted 5 days! We all have the best intentions to make resolutions for the new year and stick to them. However, 2020 has given me a lot of grace to not hold myself to high expectations. New Year’s Eve was low key and emotionally was a mixed bag saying goodbye to a tumultuous year and era under 45. I am numb, yet I am brokenhearted. I am angered, yet I am ashamed. Overall, I am salty. Sherry is one of the most versatile wines for food pairings. So, why not pair an amazing bottle to my mood?

Most sherry comes in half-bottles. What does that mean? The average wine bottle holds 750ml, which if poured appropriately should yield five glasses. Most sherry bottles hold 375ml. I’ve found I can also make this last for four to five glasses because I don’t serve a 4oz pour when it comes to fortified wines. However, January 6th warranted a full pour.

My go-to style of sherry is Amontillado. I love the combination of flor influence and oxidation. I love the butterscotch aromas as well. My December shipment from Enramistas included an Amontillado from Cesar Florido. Typically, I only go to Cesar Florido for Moscatel. His winery is the oldest in Chipiona, located just outside of the Sherry Triangle. Technically, his wine cannot be labeled as Sherry-Jerez-Xeres because it is not aged in the towns of Jerez, Sanlúcar de Barrameda or El Puerto de Santa Maria. The back of his labels show he is a Bodega de Producción and certainly can label his wines by the sherry style.

We are one of the Aging and Expedition Wineries located in the so-called “Aging Area”, we comply with the requirements established by the Regulation for the aging of wines covered by the regulatory adviser, as well as for the marketing, so we can sell wines Bottled Protected by Denominations of Origin Jerez – Xérèz – Sherry

Cruz del Mar Amontillado caught me by surprise! It is 100% Palomino grapes. After fermentation and fortification, he ages this Amontillado for 8 years in solera before bottling.

Similar to Sanlucar’s proximity to the ocean having an influence on the aging of the wines, this Amontillado from Chipiona hit me like a salted caramel! It was the perfect pairing to my emotions in reaction to the news. 

Feeling salty? Grab a bottle of Cruz del Mar Amontillado. Look deep into its reflective amber color. Close your eyes and take in the rich aromas of butterscotch. Take a sip and enjoy the warmth and let the salinity linger.

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