My first bodega tour at Bodegas Tradicion

Like all journeys, the beginning of this sherry obsession is a little nebulous. My name is Seana (“shawna”) Lindey. I first discovered sherry in 2013 whilst studying flamenco in Jerez. On a day off, I went on a tour at Bodegas Tradición. I honestly had no idea what I was drinking, but it truly captured my attention.

For the drinking culture I am surrounded by in Portland, Oregon, very few are aware of what sherry has to offer! Oregon is known for its wine country, microbreweries, distilleries and microroasters. Therefore, I am compelled to motivate others to drink more sherry!

In September 2016, I officially became a Certified Sherry Educator! I still have no idea where this journey is leading as I continue to study wine and share my adventures.. My goal is to tell the stories of those who have touched these wines from grape to glass.

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