Seana Yee

Like Sean + an A. Fourth generation Oregonian. Lover of Andalucia: Castilian speaker, Spanish wine drinker, flamenco dancer, and certified Sherry Educator.

Enthusiastic Amateur

Enthusiastic Amateur – I was coined that earlier this week in a planning meeting for my first sherry pairing event I’ll be presenting in June. It was not said in malice, and it certainly was not taken that way either. When was the last time you were learning something and couldn’t help but share the […]


Sherry Triangle Wish List

This spring, with much support and encouragement from my husband, I will be traveling back to Jerez for the sole purpose of exploring the Marco de Jerez (AKA the Sherry Triangle). Although my home base will be in Jerez, my Bodega Wish List includes small boutiques and larger establishments throughout the entire Sherry Triangle. After reading […]